About Me

Qusthan Abqary

I am currently freelance editor, associate researcher in The New Indonesia Foundation (Yayasan Indonesia Baru) and deputy director in Freedom Foundation. Moreover, I am a writer who hold a degree in philosophy and am contributor for Open Knowledge and Education.

Some of my research area is philosophy of (social) science, political philosophy, and democracy.

I think that philosophy might be best describe as the worse than the wrong interpretation is the correct explanation whiles the worst is when falsehoods have the sword of wisdom in one hand and a shield of religion in the other hand (H. R. Rasyidi). Read More.....

My Blog

Qusthan Abqary's Blog

Is a private blog owned by Qusthan Abqary which made to save and publish some ideas which have been published on some medias, all at once to spread it out and let it read by more extended people in a long time.

All papers wrote in Bahasa Indonesia and English since I was studying in Yogyakarta. Both language’s preferences have been chosen based on the interest of each papers. It will be unfair to judge the whole papers arbitrarily as something that complementary. Some arguments which lay on the papers might not appropriate with my present suggestions. Read More.....

My Publication

Melawan Fasisme Ilmu (Jakarta: Penerbit Kelindan, 2009) – a book on the discourse of philosophy of science which is written in Bahasa Indonesia.

“Membayangkan Kesenian Islam,” presented in cultural dialogue “Manifest of Contemporary Islamic Art,” at Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, June 18th, 2010.

“Manifesto Kebudayaan HMI,” co-authored with M. Chozin Amirullah, a cultural manifest of HMI (Association of Islamic Students), May 1st, 2010.

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